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Message from the founder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dreamer! Although odd to mention, I knew as early as 10 years old that I wouldn’t live an ordinary life; rather I knew it would be extraordinary. However, what has changed over the years is how I define an extraordinary life lived. It isn’t merely driving a Ferrari and living in a mansion. Instead, it’s about the positive and a lasting impact a person leaves.


In the vicinity of close friends who suffer from depression, I have witnessed how it can alter one’s thinking down a hell-bound spiral where becoming a free spirit is impossible. They had to work ten times harder at accomplishing anything because they always found themselves scrambling to muster energy and willpower. Their desire to achieve a high level of success at every opportunity isn’t to show the world they’ve made it, but to prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving great things against all odds.


Through my own experiences, I arrived at a deep realization that there is a lot of suffering in this world and I must fulfil a certain part of my destiny that focuses on serving humanity. Now, I endeavour to alleviate as much of suffering as I humanly can. My dream is to build an empire that serves the world, and one that will survive long after I’ve left this world, in a state of repose. Seeing people suffer from depression helped me understand the fact that countless other people struggle through the same or tougher challenges. People felled by physical and mental disabilities, too, want to achieve things, often against all odds.


My mother is my best friend and she’s raised me with love—a powerful feeling that helps numb the pain of depression and other challenges, however temporarily as it sometimes might be. She has spent my life imparting right from wrong, while encouraging me to be my best self and spread as much of that into the world as I could. Most importantly, she’s believed in me through every moment from the naïve to the regrettable, and she’s made sure I’ve always emerged wiser. She’s instilled in my mind thoughts of hope and beauty whilst sharing words of wisdom. Hence, I am committed to making this world a better place and I’m dedicating this fund to my mother.


The intent of Farah’s Hope is to help youth facing physical and mental challenges. The notion that we can enhance other people’s lives, and do so in solidarity, is powerful. Knowing they’re not alone will, hopefully, arm them with strength because now they have a support system. Through various programs, they can tap into capital.


Friends, don’t disregard doing your part because one person alone cannot change the world. That is possibly correct, however try changing one person’s life and then understand it from the alternate perspective. You helped change his/her entire life! Now, that is a powerful impact!


Wasah Malik

Wasah Malik
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